In one piece, we produce steel casting which is resistant to wear, impact, high temperature and corrosion up to 5000 Kg weight.


We can obtain the 3D data of the requested part by using 3D Design Software IRONCAD and SOLIDWORKS in our Product Planning Department to make the 3D dimensional drawing for the completed part.;  which is necessary to confirm availability of the technical drawing in production, determination of the casting weight and the casting simulation. Before starting the production, the risks that will affect the product quality are determined and the preventive actions are taken. We also determine the casting parameters and the molding design that can be obtained as a result of the best quality product at the lowest cost by making the casting simulation and minimizing the risks that can occur while casting process by using MAGMASOFT Simulation Programs. The determined parameters are prepared for the purpose of providing the faultless production by the production department.


We know very well that the production of high quality casting requires primarily an excellent and suitable pattern facility, with the knowledge of pattern production. Therefore, we aim the highest values in making patterns with accurate dimensions and tolerances. In order to manufacture accurate castings, the models are produced in a perfect way according to the instructions of molding design and casting parameters obtained from the casting simulations. 3D data of the casting parts whose pattern will be produced are obtained by using NX 9 Software. Also, we have two CNC machines with the dimensions of 2000x800x800mm each in our patternshop.


The molds are produced according to the moulding design which is predetermined by casting simulation program. In our foundry, we have one automatic flaskless molding system with 1200x1800x500 mm dimensions which is feeded by a resin system continuous mixer with 30 tons/ hour capacity.  Besides, we have continuous mixer systems for core and mold production; one with 25 tons/hour capacity, two with 10 tons/hour capacity and one with 3 tons/hour capacity. Also, there are 4 core machines which are used for carbon dioxide and shell core productions.  The molds and cores consist of usage of sands like silica, chromium oxide or zirconium oxide sands.


Thanks to our new investment, Thermal Reclamation System with 3 tons/hour capacity; we can enable the reuse of waste sand used in molds by burning the residual resin in the sand. We can reduce the costs and the environmental pollution with the help of recycling sand. On the other hand; since the system sand  which is exposed to a high temperature obtained a more favorable structure for casting, it also affects positively the casting quality.           


Thanks to our continuous investment and improvement program, we are able to cast parts up to max. 5000 Kg net cast weight, with dual-track medium frequency induction furnaces, each with 2.5 tons melting capacity. An additional induction furnace with 500 Kg capacity allow and permit us to support the casting operations and also to cast low weight requested pieces as well. The electronic weighing system of the furnaces, linked to a computerized spectrometer, enables very precise charge calculations and achieves the desired alloy compositions, with fine calculated adjustments before casting. An exact temperature of the molten alloy is measured by means of a dip-pyrometer. With the help of inert (argon) gas purging system used in our furnaces, we can provide a high homogenity  in the molten metal and a cleaner structure by the removal of inclusions.


In our sand blasting facility, all parts are cleaned from the sand and scales after casting with our blasting machines. so that the parts can be  prepared for heat treatment by cleaning with various grinding tools. In addition to our sand blasting machine  having 7.500 kg and ø1800 mm turning capacity and 2500 mm lifting height ; within the frame of our new investments we provide service with our blasting machine with 6 turbines having 10000 Kg and ø3000 mm turning capacity and 4000 mm lifting height.


We have 4 heat treatment furnaces in total: two of them are electric furnaces with the dimensions 3000x3000x1500 mm and the other one is 3000x1600x1500 mm, the other two of them are gas furnaces with the dimensions 2500x 3500 x2000 mm and 1500×1500 x2500.


In our machining shop, we are able to get required precision machining after casting by the following machining equipments.Our machining shop also has the capacity to support the exterior machining needs.

CNC Vertical Machining Center– 5 Axis (Deckel Maho) X= 3600 mm,  Y=920 mm, Z=820 mm

CNC Vertical Machining Center– 3 Axis (Agma) X=2000 mm, Y=1000 mm, Z=850 mm

CNC Horizontal Machining Center (Doosan) X=2100 mm, Y=1500 mm, Z=1500 mm.

CNC Borwerk (Doosan) Ø 130 mm; X=4000 mm, Y=2500 mm, Z=1800 mm, 2000 mm

CNC Vertical Lathe (Youji) Ø 2500 mm, Y=1600 mm

CNC Vertical Lathe (Doosan) Ø 1600 mm, Z=1200 mm – CNC Horizontal Lathe (Takisawa) Ø 600 mm, L=1500 mm 

CNC Vertical Machining Center– 3 Axis (Litz) X= 2000 mm, Y=900 mm, Z=800 mm

Universal Borwerk (Wotan)  Ø 130 mm, X=2250 mm, Y= 2500 mm, Z= 2000 mm, Cycle = 1000 cycle/min.

Universal Borwerk (Varnsdorf)  Ø 90 mm, X=1300 mm, Y= 1400 mm. Z= 1000 mm, Cycle = 1400 cycle/min.

Universal Vertical Lathe (Rus) Ø 900 mm, H=550 mm, Cycle = 400 cycle/min.

Universal Vertical Lathe (Rus) Ø 1400 mm, H=800 mm, Cycle = 200 cycle/min.

Universal Lathe (Rus)  Ø 840 mm,  on Spot Ø  480 L=1300 mm, Cycle= 1250 cycle/min.

Universal Lathe (Trens)  Ø 500 mm, L=1000 mm,

Universal Milling (Tos-FGSH 50) X=1400, Y=600 mm, H=500 mm,Cycle = 1400 cycle/min.

Universal Milling (Tos) X=1200, Y=450 mm, H=500 mm, Cycle = 1500 cycle/min.

Universal Borwerk (Union) Ø 130 mm, X=1600 mm, Y=1800 mm, Z=2000 mm,Cycle = 1000 cycle/min.

Universal Vertical Lathe (Umaro) Ø 2700 mm, H=1500 mm

Radial Drilling Machine (Apc – Rus) Strok = 1200, H=2700, Cycle = 2000 cycle/min.

Hydraulic Saw (Space machine) Ø 540 mm


All deliveries are packed on euro –pallets and covered with stretch film. If there are machined surfaces of the casting, protection oil is applied against the corrosion.