Pınar Döküm which was founded in 1979 in the province named Pınarbaşı of Izmir produces steel castings in accordance with the international standards for many sectors from mining to the energy.

We produce wear-resistant, impact-resistant, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant steel castings weighing up to 6000 kg in one piece. We are taking one step further our more than 40 years of casting experience and put our solution-oriented engineering consultancy into service.

We are glad to be with you with our expert staff for all technical processes in the engineering services that we provide.

We attach importance to the sustainability principles in order to leave a more livable world to the future generations.
While continuing our activities, we pay attention to the environmental effects and carry out improvement works.


Our objective is to realize the investments that lead the change and development in the sector and to continue our activity as an organization which is efficient, reliable, and respectful to the environment, quality and value oriented in the steel casting sector.


Our objective is to increase our competitive capacity, sales and profits in domestic and foreign market by producing products of high quality that meet customers’ expectations. In order to realize this objective, our main goal as Pınar Döküm is to reach the quality level which is foreseen in each process. In this regard; quality, production and productivity factors which provide less scrap and more trusted products are also important. Our primary goals are to develop knowledge of our employees, to reduce our costs and to increase the production efficiency. In accordance with our determined goals; the principles of the Quality Management System will be taken as a basis in the works of all our departments. All departments are obligated to work under this quality system integrity. We commit that we will fulfill our aims and objectives and enhance the effectiveness of the system consistently.


We commit to adopt the sustainable development, to perform the implementation that is necessary in this direction and meet the compliance obligations in order to hand down a healthy environment to the next generations. While planning and practicing all our activities; our fundamental principles is to increase the environmental performance, to evaluate and develop the effect of our activities on environment, to use our inputs efficiently and productively, to reduce our wastes in its own source. During the production of steel casting parts; we commit to realize the proper disposal of the hazardous and non-hazardous wastes by amendable waste management plans and relevant laws.


Our one of the most important principles is to act in accordance with the laws and regulations in our company. We commit to obey the conditions of the organization of which we are a member and current laws and regulations concerning OHS by attendance of our employees. Our administrators and employees are responsible for OHS. We will provide trainings for our employees to increase their self-awareness and self-consciousness about their individual responsibilities about OHS. The hazards in workplaces will be identified and the possible risks will be prevented. We commit to allocate resources which are necessary for identifying and inspecting dangerous and possible risks in our Company and to provide a healthy and ergonomic working environment by conducting studies on the prevention of all kind of work accidents, physical injuries and occupational diseases. Our performance of OHS will be regularly evaluated. It is aimed to reduce the work accidents, physical injuries and occupational diseases to zero by ensuring that al of our employees work with the awareness of OHS.