Our objective is to increase our competitive capacity, sales and profits in domestic and foreign market by producing products of high quality that meet customers’ expectations. In order to realize this objective, our main goal as Pınar Döküm is to reach the quality level which is foreseen in each process.

Our Quality Control System


We make regular analysis controls of the molten metal by the spectrometer for every melting furnace. Additionally, up to 20 type elements analysis can be made by spectrometer including nitrogen in the alloy, and steel-nickel alloys.


Our metal microscope, with sufficient 1500X magnification capability, enables observing microstructure of the material and takes photo if required. NİKON MA 100 microscope is used for the metallography scanning which has 100x200x500x magnification capacity. Clemex Vision Lite analysis  program is used for microstructure analysis such as grain size analysis, % phase distribution, % spheroidal distribution and inclusion evaluation.


With the aid of an ultrasonic test apparatus, castings can be checked for inner defects, reaching to a thickness of 1000 mm. 

Also for the control of surface defects, we use magnetic and dye penetration tests


Our mechanical test laboratory contains endurance test apparatus with 20 and 40 tons tensile capacity, fixed hardness tester with 3000 kg power, ø10 mm ball and electronic portable hardness tester, impact test apparatus to enable making necessary tests.


The measurement of the raw or machined castings by using various callipers, micrometers and gonimeters.

Surface roughness values are tested by special surface roughness measurment equipment. This type of test is mostly required for machined castings.

The thickness of the coating applications like oil or painting can be measured.

The thickness of the wall of the castings are examined with ultrasonic test equipment.

The dimensions of the parts can be examined with 3D coordinate mobile measuring device (Mobile CMM).

The installation suitability of the castings are tested with help of various apparatus, stencils and gauges.

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